Audrey Wilson

Chiropractic Assistant

My passion has always been to help someone feel better with a welcoming smile or just simply listening and that has shaped my decision to build my career in Health Administration. I was lucky enough to have worked alongside Chiropractic students at Murdoch University for a number of years and this has enabled me to witness first-hand the benefits of Chiropractic care. This experience encouraged me to further work alongside Chiropractors who address health and well-being concerns for anyone from babies to the elderly. My past roles has shown me that I truly enjoy working with people and I value all that I have learnt thus far.

I am happily married with three beautiful children. I know how important a balanced, healthy lifestyle is not only for my own family, but also for the community around me. Looking forward to my next journey with the Canning Vale Chiropractic team and meeting everyone!