Extremity Adjustments in Perth

portrait of chiropractor massaging back of patient that lying on massage table in hospital
cropped shot of chiropractor massaging back of patient that lying on massage table in hospital

Extremity Adjusting: Enhancing Your Chiropractic Care

When we think of chiropractic care, we often think of spinal treatment. However, additional work is sometimes required to ensure the best possible results. Extremity adjusting chiropractic procedures is when our team adjusts joints such as elbows, shoulders, knees, hips, wrists, and ankles. Extending our approach to peripheral joints in various areas of the body enables us to improve mobility and relieve pain by dealing with any misalignments directly. This is a gentle process where we manipulate, stretch, and mobilise the affected area to alleviate movement restrictions and reduce inflammation.

Extremity manipulation is excellent for dealing with repetitive strain, stiffness, degenerative changes, a lack of flexibility, joint injuries, or musculoskeletal conditions. If you are concerned about joint pain, mobility, inflammation, or stiffness, this non-invasive approach might be the perfect solution. If you have any other questions about chiropractic extremity adjusting, Canning Vale Chiropractic is here to help. You can contact us via phone and email or send a message via our web page. We can’t wait to get your joints back to how they should be.

young man at the physio therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

Extremity Adjusting has a massive range of benefits that can help with numerous conditions affecting your legs, hips, shoulders, arms, or other peripheral joints. If you are suffering from pain, stiffness, inflammation, or a lack of flexibility in any of these areas, chiropractic extremity adjusting might be what you’re looking for. To learn more about what Canning Vale Chiropractic can offer, get in touch or visit us any time.

The frequency of extremity manipulation treatments you may need will depend on multiple factors, such as the severity of the condition and recommendations from your chiropractor. Each treatment is personalised to the client, so you will need to come in for a consultation to find out how often you will need to visit.

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