Myofascial Release Therapy in Perth

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Understanding Myofascial Release Therapy

As part of our comprehensive approach to ensuring the well-being of our client’s musculoskeletal health, Canning Vale Chiropractic also offers Myofascial release massage therapy. Myofascial release and trigger point therapy is a hands-on chiropractic method that addresses muscle restrictions and tension within the fascia. The fascia is the thin tissue that supports every muscle throughout our body, as well as bones and organs.

When you visit Canning Vale Chiropractic, you will receive an in-depth consultation to analyse the problem and locate where your pain and discomfort are coming from. Then, our team of experienced and qualified chiropractors will make an informed decision to see if myofascial release physical therapy is right for you.


The technique involves applying sustained pressure and gradually stretching the fascia to release adhesions and tightness, enhancing mobility, relieving pain, and improving flexibility. By addressing restrictions within the fascia, a Myofascial release therapy massage can potentially relieve chronic pain, improve posture, and help regain movement in the affected areas.

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Myofascial release massage therapy differs from traditional methods in that it specifically targets the fascia rather than the muscle. Fascial restrictions are often caused by repetitive movements, poor posture, injury, or surgery. If you would like to know more about how myofascial release and trigger point therapy could potentially help you, contact Canning Vale Chiropractic or check out the FAQ section of our site.

Frequently Asked Questions

The amount you may need to receive myofascial release therapy will depend entirely on the root cause of the problem. Our Chiropractors will tailor sessions to the individual needs and circumstances of our clients to ensure optimal results.

While both traditional massage and myofascial release therapy can provide relief from muscular tension, pain, or discomfort, they are different. Traditional massage targets muscles, whereas myofascial release therapy focuses on the fascia, using sustained pressure and stretching.

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